This project looks at overheating and the assumption that when things get too hot, they malfunction. Using this hypothesis, multiple tests were carried out looking at different forms of technology and the consequences of heating them. After testing, comparisons were made between technology and humanity and the similarities and differences between them both when heated.

A child in a sweatshop is expected to stitch 2000 identical garments within a single day. Over the course of 3 days, the hot and humid conditions of a sweat shop were recreated, and a printer was subjected to the same quota. This was done by cooking the inks and blowing hot air constantly into the printer.

This facilitated the creation of a range of prints from perfect to near non-existent. These prints reflected how overworked these children are and show the deterioration of production in extreme conditions.

The prints were presented on individual hangers on a rail, each with its own price tag.

Credits: James John Nuthall | Stephen Pelling

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