Shortly after purchasing a yellow beanie in Shoreditch with my friend, Jay, we began to see yellow beanies everywhere. At first we thought this must be a massive coincidence but we soon realised there was something much bigger going on.

After researching into why we felt we were now seeing these strikingly yellow beanies everywhere, we came across something called ‘the Baader Meinhof Phenomenon’. This concept centres on the idea that when some sort of obscure new information (in our case, a yellow beanie) is introduced into our lives, the object or idea then seems to repeatedly crop up in a range of different situations.

Having established that we weren’t, in fact, just crazy, and this phenomenon had a name, Jay and I spent countless hours roaming the streets of London encountering yellow-beanied people who didn’t mind being photographed – some of whom were actually excited that their hat was the centre of attention.

We took 60 images over the course of two weeks and managed to put together a vibrant series of yellow beanie typology.

Credits: Jay Daniells

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