Prop posters and title art created for Patrick Osborne’s beautiful new teaser film, “This Tape Deck is a Time Machine.” Viewers follow a time-jumping teen who is transported into moments of other people’s lives by songs played on an old tape deck. At its heart, This Tape Deck is a Time Machine is an impossible tale of friendship and love centered around soulmates born generations apart.

The project was produced by Nexus Studios using Epic’s Unreal Engine and was art directed by Callum Strachan. I had a lot of fun working with Jacob Myrick on these fictional band posters for the music room scene, spanning a range of different eras and genres, as well as creating the series logo design.

For the posters, we wanted to evoke a very DIY, rough and ready look indicative of the types of flyers and posters created in the punk and grunge eras to give an authentic look and feel. To achieve this, we did not feel tied to traditional design practises and, on some posters, even worked slightly off grid to subtly add a little bit of chaos and character to the designs.

The series logo mark uses the font “Bloc Heavy” with customised rewind and fast-forward characters, nodding to the time-travelling nature of this piece.

Check out the teaser here

Credits: Nexus Studios | Patrick Osborne 

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