This project was developed by interrogating the area of ‘Vauxhall Walk, London, SE11 5EE’. This area was explored in detail in order to discover a ‘truth’, which would inspire a 3D type piece in response to a discovery, made in the area.

A conversation with a lady running the Methodist Church provided some inspiration. She provided information relating to a long standing rumour about the area. It has been said for many months that there are plans in place to eradicate older buildings and replace them with new flats to meet the housing demands in Vauxhall. Vauxhall Walk is already surrounded by flats and it appears that it will eventually be engulfed and become part of the surrounding urban jungle.

In response to this rumour, a 3D type piece was created to express discontent with the situation and how it seemed ludicrous to destroy buildings, as old as the ones in Vauxhall Walk and raze them to the ground and to replace them by building from scratch. This seems like a waste of resources and also damaging to the area’s heritage.

The phrase ‘Flatten For Flats’ was used to enforce the hollowness of the situation. Type was used to construct a flat block that would use light to create a high rise city scape. This would inform those in SE11 5EE what the impact would be if these new proposals are carried though.

Arduino was used to add a more interactive element to the work and electronics were installed into the box that would allow it to collapse itself with a timer

Credits: Harry Hobbs

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