Welcome to StatsZone™, a brand new activation allowing fans to visualise live stats through augmented reality in real-time. StatsZone™, developed by AT&T for the Chicago Bulls, allows fans to select their favourite team or player stats and bring the data to life through high-definition, 3D animated visuals.

The experience also features a unique set of milestone celebration animations from live or previous games that can be sent as shareable clips to friends, family, and on social media. With many still unable to attend matches in person due to COVID-19 restrictions, these moments help to bring the fun and excitement of a live game to any location.

In my role as a UI designer, I worked closely with senior UX and UI designers as well as the project’s creative director on the interface design of the application as well as working on the GameView™ version that followed for the WNBA.

Credits: Nexus Studios

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